Increased chance for MINI Challenge racers

18th April 2016

An exciting development in the Sunoco Challenge community is the inclusion of the MINI Cooper class into the eligibility of the Sunoco 200 Challenge. This means all of the classes on the MINI Challenge grids will now form a part of the Sunoco 200 Challenge. Previously the JCW (formerly F56) and Cooper S (formerly JCW) classes were the only ones included. However, with growing numbers of skilled racers in the Cooper class we are happy to also give them the opportunity to take part in the Sunoco 200 Challenge.

Anders from Anglo American Oil Company said: “We are very pleased to now include the MINI Challenge Cooper class alongside the Cooper S and the JCW classes in the Sunoco 200 Challenge. The Mini Challenge organisation have managed to establish the Cooper class as a perfect first step into competitive salon car racing, and as a result some very fast drivers are entering the class. We are therefore confident that if the 2016 season Sunoco 200 Challenge winner comes from the MINI Cooper class, he/she will be able to handle the prize drive in the Sunoco Mustang Boss 305R at Daytona next January. Watch this space!”

Antony from MINI Challenge said: “The Sunoco Challenge is a great initiative from Anglo American Oil Company, providing British drivers the chance to win a once in a lifetime chance to sample motorsport across the pond. This year the Cooper Class are included for the first time, providing up-and-coming drivers, and those on a budget, with the chance to win and prove themselves out in the USA.” 

Sunoco 200 Challenge prize


The Sunoco 200 Challenge is run by Anglo American Oil Company Ltd. and provides the winner with a race seat in the Sunoco liveried Mustang Boss 305R. Also included is travel, accommodation and a Sunoco 200 Challenge race suit. The winner will race in the 200 miles long BMW Performance 200 race on the Friday before the iconic Rolex 24 At Daytona. As well as that, the driver who wins the challenge gains the full American experience!

Eligible series for the 2017 Sunoco 200 Challenge: The qualifying championships for the 2016 race season are: Britcar, F3 Cup, GT Cup, Radical Solo Championship, MINI Challenge (all classes), Atom Cup, British GT4 and NEW for 2016, British GT3 (AM only).

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